CarveTek is an information technology group of highly educated and experienced consultants.  Our employees have executive education and decades of experience.

We focus on Web Application development and prefer to work with Open Source technologies, Java and Enterprise level Applications.  We have experience in many Enterprise applications like Siebel, Actuate, Forte, Cognos, Adobe AEM, and OpenText.


CarveTek started in the mid 1990’s and is based in Evergreen, Colorado. Will Thayer, believing the state of software development and deployment was one of chaos and confusion, saw an opportunity for a service based company to provide simple IT planning with effective development methods.


“We forever strive for enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom in the things we hold personally and professionally dear.  We ceaselessly serve the betterment of societies through applying powerful technology tools and bringing about positive change today and for the future.”  written by Will Thayer July 4, 1997.