The Standish Group conducted a study detailing the current state of software application development. The study compared the development process of software and that of building bridges. This study surveyed hundreds of CIO’s from multiple industries and found the number one reason for software application failure is lack of requirements.

Business environments change fast and software application requirements change, but managing the development process, asking the right questions, involving everyone in the organization, and consistently checking for authentication leads toward support, excitement, and ultimately success. Software development does not entirely involve the most difficult technologies, it involves most importantly people and getting the right information to the right people. CarveTek has a diligent development process, excellent communication skills, and technological expertise.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, there is a sense of urgency that surrounds most if not all software application projects. This urgency contributes to the lack of user involvement, lack of requirements, and even contributes to cynicism and depletion of support for the software projects that promise to make businesses run better, faster, and cheaper.

We have witnessed failure, the founder’s sole reason for starting this service, is to provide businesses an educated, experienced, and determined team of software project managers and developers with purpose. Purpose, which translates to your success in implementing the right tools, efficiently and effectively.

Our team positions your company in a perfect information service environment. What is IT? Why is it that every business of today is planning, developing, using, and maintaining these expensive informational tools? IT is simply about people and what they do. Their processes entail information. Information needs to propel people into action. Whether it is supplier information, customer information, internal or external; information advantage translates into efficiencies.

IT, if leveraged correctly, propels organizations quickly to the top. Many companies of today have realized that in order to compete their systems need to enable them to compete as the low cost leader or the diversified organization providing the best services. Companies like Dell, FedEx, United, Daimler-Chrysler, and Wal-Mart are great examples of companies who know of the importance of information. Too many organizations are developing and supporting data technology tools that do nothing but add to inefficiencies and contribute to cynicism associated with the software development. These companies will try to follow the leaders, but ultimately will fail unless they change their current environment.

Imagine an environment where information not data, flows seamlessly throughout an organization internally and even externally to suppliers, customers, or other business agents. The technology exists today to build such an environment. It exists and it is not difficult to realize, if support exists for the development process and the project team manages the process appropriately. Perfect information service is what every IT department needs to achieve. A sales staff needs actionable information to secure more business. Operations staff needs actionable information in order to plan work details efficiently. Accounting and finance people do not need to re-enter data into other applications. Management not only needs internal information ranging from sales forecasts to human resources, but also external information on industry, economic, or political factors. The perfect informational environment does not look for such information or toil to achieve such an environment. The CarveTek team is here to enable your perfect informational environment.

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